Honeywell paging system

Honeywell Paging System Overview

  • Can serve as public address system and voice alarm system
  • Highly integrated system with only several models; Easy to install, maintain and use.
  • Supports up to 128 speaker lines.
  • With two audio channels, allow to deliver two audio sources simultaneously.
  • Support up to 6 remote call stations. Call station can be desktop mounted, rack mounted or

Wall mounted.

  • Each call station can connect up to 8 extension keypads (X-K4 or X-K8)
  • Digital volume adjustment for all the inputs and outputs for easy remote operation.
  • Comprehensive fault detection and indication for easy maintenance.
  • Support various audio inputs to meet different user needs.
  • Class-D amplifier with flexible amplifier backup modes
  • Can interface with 3rd party systems via dry contacts, RS-485,etc
  • Software support system. Can be configured through software. (scheduling, music, zoning etc.)


Honeywell Paging System Philippines


HMC-2000 Call Station

HMC-2000 Call Station


  • Both goose-neck mic or handheld mic can be used for announcement
  • Built-in speaker for audio channel monitor.
  • recording function for instant message recording and broadcasting
  • Line-in port for external audio source unit for BGM playing
  • Separate volume controller for mic input, line-in and speaker
  • 8 programmable buttons corresponding to 8 zones of HCU-2000, which can be configured by software
  • Expandable for X-K4/X-K8 keyboard module if required
  • Detection for mic and communication fault
  • Cat5 cable connection with HCU-2000, max distance is 100m.
  • Powered by HCU-2000 or external power adaptor
  • 6 of call station can be used for the system

HAM-2000 Intevio Amplifier


  • Support up to 24 speaker line
  • 500W power capacity for each zone
  • With 24 dry contacts input
  • Independent volume control for audio output
  • Automatic fault detection
  • Support network mode or standalone mode
  • With one line input port, can be used in standalone mode or when the controller cpu fails
  • System allows maximum 5 sets of hex-24

HEX-24  24- Zone Expander

HEX-24 24- Zone Expander


  • Class-D technology, high efficiency, low power consumption
  • 500W power output
  • Power-saving and self-indicator testing function
  • Thorough protection function.
  • Main and backup power supply fault detection function with switch setup

HCU-2000 Controller


  • Manage all the system components to fulfil all the PA and VA functions.
  • LCD screen for system status display and basic setting
  • Support single audio channel mode and dual channel mode
  • 8 zones, 500W capacity for each loudspeaker line
  • Built –in 500W Class-D amplifier, expandable with external amplifier
  • Flexible amplifier backup mode, one spare amplifier can be used to backup all amplifiers in the system
  • Built-in 1GB memory for audio files, recording files, temporary recording, 60 minutes automatic recording and 100 thousand logs.
  • 2 Aux inputs and 1 MIC/Line inputs
  • Allow all call via the microphone when the CPU is failed
  • Flexible input and output volume adjustment by digital volume control
  • 255 configurable priority levels
  • Audio monitoring for two audio channels
  • Automatic fault diagnosis, speaker circuit, ground, dry contact inputs network, etc.
  • 10 monitored dry contact inputs and 8 dry contact outputs
  • Support 3-wire and 4-wire volume controllers
  • Interface with 3rd party system via dry contacts or RS-485
  • Zone quantity can be increased by using zone expander
  • Remote call station can be connected
  • Plug and play with pre-configuration before shipment

System Architecture

Basic Set-up

Set-up with IP PBX